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Devising an Effective Donor Engagement Strategy in the Digital Age

By Robert Clockedile

“We need a Facebook page.”

Sound familiar? At some point, someone in your organization probably said it. So that person, or someone else who knew how, took the initiative and the next thing you know, your organization has its own Facebook page. It kind of works. You see some engagement and a little growth, but no one is sure what the plan is (or if there is one), how effective it is, or who decides what goes on it and how it’s managed. Eventually, someone else comes along and […]

Workshop: Putting the Fun in Fundraising!

What: Putting the FUN in Fundraising!
When: June 5, 2018
Where: Spann Student Center, Thomas College
Register: Waterville Creates! ⇒

Did you know that successful, sustainable fundraising has very little to do with asking for money? Discover how to create enjoyable and meaningful roles for staff and volunteers alike—roles that allow those who care about your organization to be effective while staying well within their comfort zones.

Join Waterville Creates! and the Rolfson Group, Inc. for an educational and, yes, FUN workshop designed to provide an overview of “friend-raising” and fundraising strategies for small […]

Talk to Prospective Donors About “Vision” — Not Money!

By Eric F. Rolfson, President, The Rolfson Group, Inc.

It Ain’t About the Money

When engaging prospective donors for annual, capital, or comprehensive campaigns, successful fundraisers seek short- and long-term investments in the future of their organizations. Experience shows that donors are rarely motivated by talk about “money” during these preliminary conversations. Instead, they are enthused by what the money will accomplish. They want to value your organization’s mission, perceive its vision for the future, and grasp how it aligns with their personal world views. Thus, the first step in planning a […]